ACI (Advanced Cargo Information) – New custom proceadures in Egypt

*Update September 2021*

As you may already know, the Egyptian government has implemented in all their ports a new Advance Cargo Information (ACI) regulation. The trail period started in April, and after being postponed for three months, the ACI number indication will become mandatory on the 1st October 2021 ETD. 

This means that for all imported goods, the consignee must first pre-register all cargo information through the local system (Nafeza) to obtain the ACID (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) number and then provide it to the shipper so they can, in turn, pre-register through to obtain the number.

The ACID number must be displayed on all shipping documents, as well as the identification numbers of the parties to the bill of lading.

This new regulation aims to simplify and speed up custom procedures for export operations to Egypt through the mentioned online system and prevent the entry of prohibited or dangerous cargo.

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