Farewell 2020, one truly unique year.

The year 2020 has been different and unique. We’ve had to change the way we work and adapt to new circumstances. The safety of our employees and customers and maintaining quality standards in our service have been two of the many concerns we’ve had since the start of the pandemic. We’ve taken many measures that have evolved over time, as has our knowledge about the virus. Such as remote work, safety measures for employees, customers, and suppliers, traceability of LCL shipments throughout the logistics chain, investment in digital and web tools, to name a few. These are some of the solutions we apply to the problems and difficulties we encounter.

However, not everything’s been difficult. The camaraderie, understanding, and solidarity that we experienced in the face of adversity, both from our clients towards us, us towards our suppliers, and among colleagues have been the easiest part of this crisis. Having to face an unprecedented situation in our lives has united us a lot, and helped us to understand what really matters, as well as to work collaboratively to provide solutions, grow as professionals and individuals and help those around us. It´s a feeling that hopefully will last in time. It’s in our power to make it endure.

On the other hand, the most challenging thing to manage, in addition to the mourning for the people who left us due to the virus, is and will be mitigating the uncertainties that this pandemic leaves us with, both from the economic aspect, as well as from the volume variability, lack of space and equipment from shipping companies, confinements both in the countries of origin and destination that affected the logistics chain, blank sailings, congestion in various ports, new customs regulations for certain products, among other things. But we are convinced that everything will pass.

The two things we all long for in 2021 are HEALTH and STABILITY, and to look forward. From the TransGlory team, we only have words of gratitude to all our clients and suppliers for the support provided and the wish that 2021 be a turning point that allows us to look forward to the future with hope.