At Transglory we bet on sustainable machinery!

At our warehouse, the main tool is the forklift, which is essential for handling, transporting and organizing the merchandise that enters and leaves the warehouse on a daily basis.

Currently concern for the environment is the order of the day. Pollution is a topic that is constantly in the news adn big cities have taken important measures regarding driving to reduce the emissions of gases that are harmful to the planet in the best possible way. At Transglory we join this concern and believe that it is essential to have sustainable machinery in our warehouse, which is why all our front and reach trucks are electric!

There are may advantages, but the most important are that:

  • They do not emit harmful gases and the risk of poisoning by inhalation does not exist.
  • Their engines are quieter and cleaner. Therefore, the danger of fire or explosion is reduced compared to internal combustion trucks.
  • We have an energy saving system where we optimize the necessary hours of electrical charge.

And we are very happy to contribute with this type of actions to take care of the Environment. Little by little we are adding sustainable initiatives to, together, achieve a better planet.

Transglory team.