Australia, a market at the other side of the world

Mostly known for its exotic fauna and long beaches perfect for surfing, Australia is also a country with a solid and flexible economy perfect to explore new opportunities for export and import.

Before the devastating fires of 2019 and the Covid-19 crisis, Australia had an accumulative growth of almost 30 years and without important disturbances. In 2021 even if tourism, an important economic pillar for the country, still has to recover, the economic perspectives in the short term are optimistic thanks to the rapid response of the Australian government implementing strong healthcare measures and coming up with economic aids for their citizens.

Commercial relationships between Spain and Australia

Being mostly a desert island, Australia conducts its commercial exchanges on its ports, fundamental to the supply chain of the country. The most important ones are: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.

The commercial exchanges between Spain and Australia had been growing in the last decade, although the past years it has slowed down slightly. In 2020 the value of Spanish exports to Australia reached 1.472,7 million Euro, a 5.7% less than 2019. The main products exported were equipment goods (38%), semimanufactures (27%) and food, beverages, and tobacco (16%). On the other hand, Australian imports to Spain reached 330,4 million Euro, a 32,5% less than 2019. Of those imports 32% are from equipment goods and 15% raw materials.

Pest control in Australia

Remember Australian authorities have hardened their control measures regarding their imports of cargo considered to be of risk or coming from countries considered as a risk, during the warm months (September – May). Since 2019 Spain is considered a risk country and all cargo must be fumigated at origin to control the expanse of the stink bug or BMSB. More information in our video below!

If you are interested in exporting to Australia from Spain TransGlory has direct weekly LCL services to Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle. Don’t forget to contact us for more information of our services to Australia.