#BeGreen: Our commitment to the environment

In a year as turbulent as 2020, it’s easy to forget about the other big threats that our planet faces, such as climate change and the exhaustion of vital natural resources, like water.

This is why TransGlory, as part of the Romeu Group, has collaborated with BluEbro: an adventure at the service of the environment, in which four adventurers carried out a comprehensive descent of the Ebro River in Kayak to raise awareness of the use of water as a vital non-renewable resource.

The adventure began on August 21 in Fontibre and ended on September 12 in the Mediterranean, totaling 930 km and crossing seven autonomous communities.

For three weeks, the intergenerational team, representing three levels of leadership committed to sustainability: Iván Galofré (63 years old), Albert Bosch (54), Laura Rodríguez (26) and Berto Robles (24), navigated very diverse geographical areas: from the white water areas of the Alto Ebro to the calm waters of the swamps, and exceeding a total of 18 dams and 16 weirs.

Although the Covid-19 crisis complicated the challenge, it also gave it a new relevance and a complete sense of commitment to the environment that surrounds us; to understand it, and fight for nature and a healthier and more balanced society.

We are very proud to have collaborated with this adventure challenge as another step towards our #BeGreen sustainability initiative, which involves the positive and non-competitive attitude needed to achieve a better present and future.

We are committed to the planet and we will continue to do our bit by spreading awareness and promoting sustainability.