28 July, 2021

exw ddp incoterms

Incoterms 101: EXW vs DDP

Third Incoterms installment, this time focused on EXW and DDP. What is the difference between them? Which one is the best for you?


21 July, 2021

4 tips to reduce emails and optimize freight forwarder’s work

Reduce your daily emails and increase your productivity with these 4 tips, easy to include in your work habits and with immediate results.


13 July, 2021

Incoterms 101: FOB vs CFR

New Incoterms post focused on FOB and CFR. What is the difference and which one is the better Incoterm?


29 June, 2021

Incoterms 101 – What are Incoterms and why are they so important?

Fist blog post in our Incoterm series. Today the basics, what are Incoterms and why are they so Important?


2 June, 2021

fcl lcl transport

TransGlory turns 25!

TransGlory turns 25 and during this cuarter of a century the company has positioned itself as a benchamrk in the LCL sector. Thank you very much for your trust support.


25 May, 2021

new bonded warehouse in Casablanca

Neutral Cargo Logistics new bonded warehouse in Casablanca

Neutral Cargo Logistics new bonded warehouse in Casablanca, Morocco, with a surface of 2000m2


21 May, 2021

advantages roro maritime transport

What are RORO ships and their advantages

Today we explain what are Roll-on/Roll-off ships, the different types that exist and what are their advantages.


17 May, 2021

Egypt exports custom regulations

ACI (Advanced Cargo Information) – New custom proceadures in Egypt

Learn more about the new ACI (Advanced Cargo Information) system to manage your custom proceadures in Egypt.


13 May, 2021

Differences between american and european pallets

There are pallets with different dimensions and characteristics but the main ones are American pallets and European pallets, do you know what makes them different and why?


14 April, 2021

Interview with Anna Serra, Accounting & Administration Manager

Continuing with our celebration of TransGlory’s 25th anniversary today we speak with  Anna Serra, Accounting & Administration Manager in our office in Barcelona.


12 April, 2021

export lcl maritime transport

Container fumigation procedure for BMSB

Container fumigation is essential to prevent the entry of pests or other harmful organisms to a cargo’s destination. Countries like Australia and New Zealand have very strict rules against the BMSB or Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.


29 March, 2021

maritime transport consolidated oceania

Australia, a market at the other side of the world

Mostly known for its exotic fauna and long beaches perfect for surfing, Australia is also a country with a solid and flexible economy perfect to explore new opportunities for export and import.


22 March, 2021

Interview with Josep Perpinyà, Country Manager Tunisia

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of TransGlory we want you to get to know our teams better, how they ended up working in logistics and their thoughts on the future of the industry.


31 December, 2020

TransGlory wishes you a happy and healthy 2021

To all our clients, suppliers, partners, and to all the TransGlory family, we wish you a healthy, successful, and very happy new year! Stay safe and optimistic for a bright 2021.


17 December, 2020

Farewell 2020, one truly unique year.

2020 has been a different and unique year in our lives, a year of learning and growth. Our wish for 2021 is to have HEALTH and STABILITY. From TransGlory, we wish you happy holidays.


3 December, 2020

How have we adapted during the pandemic?

It’s our social responsibility to manage this pandemic correctly and guarantee the safety of our workers in the current environment. How have we faced the strategic and operational challenges of recent months?


26 November, 2020

Lebanon after the Beirut explosion

After the devastating explosion in Beirut, sea freight operations were deeply affected but our partners in Lebanon, Oceanair, never stopped offering their services. We have asked Habib Ph. Bassil, owner, to comment on the current situation. This is what he told us.


19 November, 2020

The exceptional situation of ocean freight

The shortage of empty equipment, the lack of space on ships, and the dramatic increase in ocean freight rates are the main problems that have arisen from the extraordinary situation left by Covid-19.


11 November, 2020

BluEbro: A journey

For those of you who wanted to know a little more about the adventure of the descent of the Ebro river, in which TransGlory, as part of the Romeu Group, collaborated, here is the video summary of the journey.


4 November, 2020

#BeGreen: Our commitment to the environment

TransGlory, as part of the Romeu Group, and following its #BeGreen sustainability initiative, has collaborated with BluEbro: an adventure at the service of the environment to raise awareness of the use of water