How have we adapted during the pandemic?

The role that logistics companies play in the current scenario is essential for the continuity of the economy. As key players, it’s our social responsibility to properly manage and guarantee the safety of our employees. In recent months, we have faced strategic and operational challenges that have forced us to make decisions and adapt to this strange new environment.

At TransGlory we take great pride in being a forward-looking company based on technology. We are constantly evolving and we adapt to change to keep improving. That is why, although the pandemic caught us all by surprise, we have been able to assume the new working conditions to continue to provide the best service in an efficient way.

What challenges have we faced during the pandemic and what have we done about it?

  • The change in the way we do business.

Our business has undergone overwhelming changes in recent months and it has forced us all to adapt the way we operate. We have seen an increase in email, video calls, chats, and phone calls that we have had to take over, for the most part, from our homes.

How we deal with it:

We have ensured the availability of equipment and technology to all our employees to guarantee the correct performance of their job. All our staff is prepared to work remotely.

  • The digitization of all processes

The logistics sector has been in the process of digitization for some years, but it has been COVID-19 that has set an increased speed to finish doing it. At TransGlory, while we were already digitized prior to the pandemic, the lockdown has helped us innovate with new tools.

How we deal with it:

Making available to both our clients and our employees, Web tools designed thinking about sustainability to improve and facilitate the operations and communication, making the logistics management possible from any work setting, allowing remote work and saving resources such as paper.

  • The evolution of customers and employees.

We cannot pretend that a pandemic doesn’t change the way we see the world and do our jobs. We now see clients and employees who have individual and unique circumstances and different work settings, who are more concerned about sustainability, about work ethics, who demand fast information, who evolve day by day.

How we deal with it:

With multichannel communication, the application of a green philosophy to all our processes, and the empathy generated by the pandemic that makes us adapt to the individual circumstances of each person.

Now that we are limited to see each other, we know the importance of responding fast and offering information in a multichannel way, taking into account all possible personal needs. Therefore, we have enabled different forms of communication: video calls, social networks, chats, among others. And we have also enabled forms of management and security that reduce the use of paper and single-use materials.

  • Safety in the work environment

Ensuring the safety of our customers, employees and suppliers has been our priority and our greatest challenge.

How we deal with it:

We have facilitated and encouraged, when possible, teleworking. In the same way, we have made available and have ensured the correct use of masks, hand washing, and regular use of hydroalcoholic gel, while maintaining social distance. Once the plan of return to the office was carried out, we implemented a format that consists of combining groups in teleworking and in-person work, helping to reduce the number of people that simultaneously share the workspace.

These past few months have been very tough for everyone, but thanks to our multidisciplinary, digital, determined, and problem-solving staff, we can proudly say that now we are a better company than before.