Digital tools for export and import optimization

It’s undeniable that we live in a technological era and that for the last decades all kinds of innovations and digital tools have become indispensable in our lives, both personal and professional.

In the transport and logistics sector, digitalization has been especially important. Nowadays, with the right technology and tools, export and import professionals are able to optimize repetitive tasks, can tracktheir cargo around the world 24/7, or get quicker and almost immediate responses to their logistic operations. But, how to choose the right digital tool for cargo management and logistic processes?

Digital tools for logistic processes

The freight forwarder job is full of documents one must fill and manage, cargo to send and times and schedules to control. That’s why the first aspect to have in mind when searching for an online logistics tool is for it to be 360°, one software that covers all main logistic operations to optimize. Synchronizing different departments and processes is key to a better more efficient management and making all operations agile and flexible.

Benefits from cargo management tools

  • Saving time. The use of digital tools to manage logistic operations helps freight forwarders optimize their time, saving time on repetitive and manual tasks as well as reducing the volume of daily emails and calls.
  • Centralization of information. Being able to access all  cargo information from anywhere at any time helps to better manage shipping and loadings and control the location of your cargo as well as enabling instant notifications if there’s any problem or unexpected circumstances to help make fastest decisions.
  • Agility and flexibility. As we’ve said previously, an online tool to manage your cargo will make your export and import operations more efficient thanks to their centralized and synchronized dashboards. This efficiency translates into a positive economic impact, as it gives you time to invest in other aspects of the business but also can save you money from human errors.

transport management is TransGlory’s online tool to manage all your cargo efficiently. Developed especially to make all freight forwarders export and import operations more agile, with you can benefit from:

  • Centralized cargo information management: Using our online tool you can access all your cargo information and consult schedules departing from Spain, get quotations or make bookings in less than five minutes.
  • Effective documentation management: The correct management of documents is essential to any commercial operation, that’s why from you can send out, consult and modify your BL directly online and send automatically your draft. You can also search for invoices and bills and download them together with the BL, consult their state and export them in Excel format.
    You can also access and download your transport documents in pdf and upload other documents you may need.
  • Cargo tracking: Thanks to our tracking functionality you can consult the state of your cargo at any given moment, know where it is or get a notification if there are any unexpected events.
  • Integrated chat: Our tool also has an integrated chat to help clients get in touch with our team, who will give them personalized support if they have any doubts or need help.

My. is a free and intuitive online tool that doesn’t need installation or maintenance. If you are interested on how we can help you optimize your commercial operations you can begin today by consulting our next departures from Spain or register and get in touch with our team.