Export services to the Mediterranean

TransGlory is one of the leader NVOCC operating in the Mediterranean area. We offer LCL export services, both maritime and land transport, from Spain to  the main ports and cities in the Mediterranean. Neutrality guaranteed.

Our export services from Spain to the Mediterranean can be via Maritime transport  o RORO service.

LCL neutral export service to the mediterranean

Direct export services

Maritime Transport

Weekly direct LCL services  to Algiers and every two weeks to Oran.

Weekly departures to Limassol.

Sailings every week to Alexandria.

We offer weekly services to Ashdod.

Weekly sailings to Beirut.

Departures every week to Valletta.

Our direct LCL weekly services to Morocco  are to the ports of Casablanca, Tangier and Agadir.

We offer sailings every week to Rades and Sfax.

Weekly departures to Istanbul.

RORO transport

TransGlory also offers export services via RORO to Morocco with weekly sailings and stops in Tangier and Casablanca, and Tunisia, con with up to three stops every week in Rades and Sfax.

How long does it take to export from Spain?

As this is one of the regions closest to Spain, transit time for exports to the Mediterranean area can be very short. From just one day for your cargo to reach Tunisia to 4 days to Algeria or Casablanca.

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If you are interested in exporting to Libya, Cairo or Marrakesh contact our team!

Export from Spain to the Mediterranean

Exporting from Spain to the Mediterranean, along with other European countries, supposes one of the most accessible international transactions thanks to the shorter distances and multiples economic and cooperation agreements between the countries.

Still, it’s important to be updated about any changes or news regarding legislation to make sure the operation will be successful. For example, this year Egypt has stablished a new exports regulations with the ACID system.

How much does it cost?

When paying for a maritime transport service  there are several aspects that come into play. On the one hand you have to consider more material aspects like the kind of container you choose, your cargo and the port of destination, then there are, of course, legal documents you need to pay for like the BL, customs and taxes… In the case of the Mediterranean countries it’s important to have in mind that while with most of them there are commercial agreements with Spain, you need to know if there are any special documents you’ll need, like in the case of Libya, for which you’ll need a Waiver certificate.

Export sea freight

In TransGlory we want our clients to make their quotations and bookings in the most efficient and time saving way possible. That’s why we have developed a digital toll focused on cargo management and make easier a freight forwarder’s job.

With my.TransGlory.com you can get your rates and make your booking in just a few minutes as well as managing all your documents and invoices all from one place. But that’s not all, you’ll also get access to your shipment 24/7 tracking and updated information about your cargo.

Ask our team for access if you still don’t have it!

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International trade with Spain

Commercial trade between Spain and the Mediterranean countries is, on a general scale, stable and has been runing for years thanks to their common history and short distances. Although, as always, these relationships also depend on the countries.

Among the countries who have a closest relationship with Spain we find:

Morocco is Spain’s first provider as well as first client. Our exports to the country make up for 45,5% of Spanish exports to the African continent.
After the worst of the pandemic exports to the country have recovered strength and one can find vehicles parts and accesories, fuels, textiles and electronic materials among the most exported products.

Algeria for its part, is the second african market for Spain (followed by South Africa) and unlike Morocco it doesn’t look like exports will recover as fast. Even so, vehicles and tractors and machinery and mechanical appliances.

Another key country for Spain’s exports in the Mediterranean is Egypt, where our country is the fourth provider inside the UE, after Germany, Italy and France. Our exports there don’t differ much from the ones already mentioned, so we can find machinery and mechanical appliances, vehicles and tractors and electronic materials.

Having in mind the difficult situation in Lebanon and the aftermath of Beirut’s explosion is no surporise Spanish exports to the country, traditionally one of our main partners in the Middle East, have been reduced over the last years putting it among the four  main markets for Spain in the region with Saudi Arabia, Israel and United Arab Emirates.

Spain’s relationships with Israel on the contrary, have been increasing, putting our country above neighbors like France and the United Kingdom regarding exports to it.