Export services to Oceania from Spain

In TransGlory we offer weekly direct LCL export services from Spain to Oceania’s main ports. Always 100% neutral and best services.

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Our direct services

In TransGlory we offer direct international neutral export services to Oceania’s main ports.


We offer direct weekly export services from Spain to: Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide y Fremantle.

New Zealand

Weekly direct sailing to Auckland.

What is the transit time to Oceania?

Exporting from Spain to Oceania by ocean freight means a transit time of approximately 35-40 days, always having present that port of destination and kind of service (direct or indirect) can affect it.

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If you are interested in other routes to Oceania or the Pacific Islands contact our team for more information.

Important information when exporting to Oceania

Container fumigation when exporting to Australia and New Zealand

When exporting to Oceania you must remember these countries have very strict rules regarding pest control for their exports.

That’s why it’s very important to treat your containers against the Marmorated Stink Bug or BMSB.
Container fumigation against BMSB must be done in the Southern hemisphere Summer months (September to May) and it is compulsory for all exports coming from Spain since 2019.

You can watch here our video for more information

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How much does it cost exporting to Oceania?

As when exporting to any country, the final price for your freight will depend on multiples factors, not only port of destination and kind of service (direct/indirect and LCL or FCL) but also the kind of container you choose, your cargo and even the Incoterm.
It is very important to also check for any special laws or requirement that may apply to you and your cargo (like with fumigation) as those documents can cost additional money as well as not having the appropriate permits.

Remember you can make your own quotation for your cargo to Australia or New Zealand with my.transglory.com and book your shipment in just a few minutes. Get your access today if you still don’t!

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International trade

Thanks to a global world like the present we can trade even with the most far away countries.

Before Covid-19, Australia, had experienced almost 30 years of stable economic growth. Spanish exports to the country had been increasing as well in the last decade, although not so much recently.
Among our main exports to the country on can find: capital goods, semimanufactures, food, beverages and tabaco. 

Spain’s interest in New Zealand grows each year at the hand of its biggest companies, specially interested in the transport and energy sectors. Exports to the country have been also increasing, even with the pandemic, with products like electric trains, vehicles, pork meat and olive oil making up most of them.