Export to the Caribbean from Spain

With TransGlory you can export to the main Caribbean islands from Spain thanks to our neutral direct LCL weekly services

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Direct export services

Every 10 days sailings to Mariel.

Puerto Rico
Sailings every two weeks to San Juan.

República Dominicana
Weekly services to Caucedo, Río Haina and Santo Domingo.

How long does it take?

Transit time for maritime exports to the Caribbean islands depends mainly on your final destination and if it’s a direct or indirect route.  With that you can find transit times of 10 days like when exporting from Spain to the Dominican Republic or 16 for Cuba and Puerto Rico.

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Among uour indirect routes you can find services to Aruba, Bahamas, Haiti or Jamaica. Ask our team for more information if you are interested in these services.

Export to the Caribbean

Like with most countries in Central America, Spain has commercial and economic agreements with some of the Caribbean countries due their shared history but it’s important to know what they entail to ensure a successful export operation.

How much does exporting to the Caribbean cost?

When paying for your ocean freight there are several aspects that come into play. On the one hand you have to consider more material aspects like the kind of container you choose, your cargo and the port of destination, and on the other hand there are the documents you need to pay for like the BL, customs and taxes… Without forgetting that each country is different and may have specific laws and requisits, like Puerto Rico that falls under the USA costums.

Send your cargo with TransGlory

If you are looking to export cargo to the Caribbean islands TransGlory can help you run a smooth operation thanks to our digital cargo management tool  specially designed to optimize your work.

With my.TransGlory.com you’ll have access to easy and agile quotations functionalities as well as be able to book your shipment in just 5 minutes or storage all your information and documents in just one place.  Our online tool also offers the possibility to track your shipment and check for any updates at the spot.

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International trade

Spanish exports to the Caribbean are very diverse and depend much on the country.

Even with the pandemic and its negative effects on international commerce, Spain is one of Cuba’s main providers, exporting all kinds of products, from machinery parts and complements to electrical equipment to agri-food products, contruction materials and vehicle parts and trucks.  

For the Dominican Republic, Spain is their fifth provider worldwide and the first European one.  Most exported products include: industrial and technological machinery and goods, agri-food products, consumer goods and beverages.

Spain’s exports to Puerto Rico are included in our exports to the United States, but if we center our attention only on the island fuels, mineral oils, beverages and liquors make for the most exported products.