Export to Central America from Spain

TransGlory offers direct export services to major Central America ports from Spain.
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Services to Central AmErica

Costa Rica
Weekly sailings to Puerto Limón and San José.

El Salvador
Departures every two week to San Salvador.

Sailings every frotnight to Guatemala City.

Services every two weeks to Puerto Cortés, San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa.

Weekly services to Altamira and Veracruz.

Departures every two weeks to Colón.

What is the transit time to Central America?

Transit Time for maritime exports to Central America depends on the destination port.  Sailings to San José, in Costa Rica, for example, take approximately 17 days while sailings to Altamira o Guatemala can take up to   25 or 30. Have in mind that the traffic and state of the port can affect the transit time too.

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If you are interested in exporting to other ports like Nicaragua, Belize or México D.F. contact our team for more information about our indirect routes to the central region of America.

Export to Central America

There are multiples commercial agreements between Spain and most of the Latin American countries but you should know each countries specific regulations if you want to trade with them.  Knowing which specific documents will be required and which cargo can be problematic will help you running a successful operation.

How much does it cost?

Multiple factors come into play when making your quotation and calculating the final rate for your cargo. You have to think about the kind of container you are using and service and the agreed upon Incoterm but also your cargo, taxes and even specific documents or surcharges for that country and port.

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International trade with Spain

Commercial relationships between Spain and Central American countries have mostly been strong and stable for years.

Méico is our main client in the area and in 2020 in became Latin America’s first destination for Spanish exports with a 27,8% of the total and the fifth maket in importance outside of Europe.
Other countries with close relationships with Spain are Guatemala, Panamá and Costa Rica, although exports to those countries have been decreasing slowly in the last years.

All in all, main exported products to Central America are: semimanufactures, capital goods and food and beverages. Although energy commodities ar specially important for México and Guatemala.