Export to Asia from spain

In TransGlory we offer direct LCL export services from Spain to the major ports in Asia. 100% neutrals.


Direct export services

Our weekly direct LCL export services to China are to the port of: Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Tianjin. We also offer direct services to Dalian every two weeks.

South Korea
Weekly direct departures to Busan.

Hong Kong
Services every week to Hong Kong.

Sailings every week to Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe.

Weekly services to Jakarta.

Departures every week to Port Kelang and Pasir Gudang.

Weekly direct services to Singapore.

Weekly departures to Bangkok and Laem Chabang.

Sailing every week to Keelung.

Weekly direct departures to Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh.

You can consult our exexport services to the Indian Subcontinent here.

What is the transit time when exporting to Asia?

Exporting to Asia from Spain by ocean freight means covering really long distances that make the transit time vary depending on your port of destination. Sending a container to China is around 40 days, sending one to Malaysia or Hong Kong around 30. Also, you should have in mind that choosing a direct or indirect service can affect your times, as well as the time of the year.

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If you are interested in other destinations like Brunei, Philipinnes, Cambodia or other points in Chinese or Japanese territory you can contact our team for more information.

Exporting to Asia 

In the last decade, maritime transport to and from Asia has been increasing and it represents the main commercial route in the world.  Because of that most Asian countries have commercial agreements with Spain that can help you in your exports, but it’s important you are aware of each country’s laws in particular and what using their ports means in terms of documents, cargo and even waiting times.

How much does it cost?

Sending your cargo to Asia has multiples costs associated. On the hand there is the kind of container you choose, your cargo, or the agreed Incoterm, and on the other you have to remember to fill in and present all relevant documents and permits, taxes, and surcharges.

Send your shipment to Asia

Sending your cargo with TransGlory is easy and efficient. With our cargo management tool specially designed for freight forwarders you’ll be ables to get your own rates and quotations, book you shipment and consult all your documents from our website, all in one place, free and online.

my.TransGlory.com also has a tracking functionality and will send you instant notifications if anything happens during your shipment.

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International trade

International relationships between Spain and the Asian countries vary depending on the country.

In general terms, the main countries to which Spain exports are China, Japan and South Korea, but looking just at the ASEAN countries the top3 are Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

The pandemic has made its toll into Spanish exports to Asia but our operations to China (which has reached 9th place as Spanish client worldwide) and Taiwan,  have remained stable and even increased despite the closing of their borders and main economic operations. In Japan’s case, although Spanish exports have fallen they haven’t done so as much as the EU average.

Among the most exported products  to the Asian continent  we find  pork meat, vehicle parts and components, pharmaceutical products and chemicals.

Other products that stand up are:

Aircrafts and navigation equipment  to South Korea and Singapore. In the first countries’ case exports have diminished greatly in the last year so the gross volume of Spanish exports to South Korea has been largely affected. In Singapore’s case Spain did send a big Airbus shipment that makes comparisons to past exports complicated to calculate.

Brandy and Jerez (sherry) exported to Philippines, as well as products already mentioned like meat and machinery.