How to select the best Team? Let Marina tell us

Today we are going to get to know better another key member of our human team, this time it’s the turn of Marina Velarde, Human Resources Manager of Spain’s NVOCC Division. 

We wanted her to tell us in more detail what the personnel selection process is like, what her day to day looks like and what advices does she give to new employees to have a successful career within the company. 

¿What are the vision, mission and values ​​of the company? 

At Transglory we have these aspects well defined, and they can be seen both on our website (in writing) and being applied in the day to day of the organization. 

¿Do you feel that you have grown professionally since you started working with us? ¿If so, in what aspects? 

Yes, definitely. The logistics industry is full of challenges in terms of talent management and there is nothing that helps you grow more than facing these challenges for which different, creative and innovative solutions are much needed. 

For an industry that is in constant development, it is necessary that the people who make up the companies also develop themselves. For this reason, I have grown both in identifying talent that have development potential and in retaining it by providing training, promoting internal job opportunities and benefits adapted to the position, profile, and market evolution. 

All of this is in alliance with management, middle managers, and team leaders. For which it is essential to know how to form relationships of trust and promote a perspective of collaboration between departments and joint organizational development. 

Tell us what your job consists of and what a day in the office is like for you. 

As responsible for the human talent of the organization, my role is to implement and execute policies that help increase the competitive advantage of the company through having qualified, committed, and motivated people with a high feeling of pride and belonging. 

For this, being able to offer them the best possible work environment and conditions adjusted to their interests is the goal I try to achieve from my position. 

My day to day is full of interaction with the people who make up the organization, as well as with candidates and collaborators. There are moments to analyze, think and decide strategies and others that require more immediate action and resolution. 

¿What advice would you give a new hire to have a successful career in the company? 

Right from the interview, it is essential for me that whoever enters the company shares the values ​​and culture of the organization, to ensure a good person-company relationship. 

That is why my first piece of advice is to observe a lot and learn from your colleagues and managers in order to fully immerse yourself in the culture and know-how that permeates the organization. Also, ask for help whenever you need it, because if there is something we encourage at Transglory, it’s fellowship and learning from each other. 

¿Is there some kind of code of conduct and ethics in place? 

Yes. At group level, we have a Compliance Department that has created a code of conduct and ethics applicable to all Romeu companies. This includes all aspects related to regulatory compliance and to proceeding with professionalism and integrity on a day to day basis. 

Corporate social responsibility, the promotion of equality and environmental commitment are issues that are also included in the code, which is signed by all the personnel of the organization and is also put into practice through defined policies and actions.