Import from the Mediterranean area

TransGlory is one of the major NVOCC opperating in the mediterranean. We offer maritime import services to Spain, always 100% neutral and with the best quality.

Direct import services

Weekly direct services from Casablanca.

Weekly departures from Istambul.

What is the transit time when importing to Spain?

Importing to Spain from the Mediterranean can be pretty fast. Sending your cargo from Morocco usually means 4 days of T/T and from Turkey it can vary from 5 to 7 days.

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Importing from the Mediterranean

Importing to Spain from Mediterranean countries, like exporting to them, is one of the most accessible international transactions. Shorter distances and multiple economic deals will help run your commercial trades smother, and why not, cheaper, but that doesn’t exempt your from knowing what documents and taxes you need to fill in and pay.

How much does it cost?

The final price of your freight depends on multiples factors. Distance, kind of cargo and container and the Incoterm chosen can affect your final rate, but it’s also important to know the specific laws and particularities of each country and port to make sure there are no unforeseen events that cause a higher final cost of your import.

Book your shipping container

In TransGlory we want to make booking import and export operations easy. That’s why we have developed an online cargo management tool with freight forwarders in mind, made specially to help them save time and be more efficient.
With, you can get rates for your shipment completely online, book your cargo in just 5 minutes, manage all your documents and invoices from one single place and track your cargo wherever it is.

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International trade with Spain

Commercial relations between Spain and Mediterranean countries have been growing in the last years and even with the pandemic these have kept stable.

Morocco is one of Spain’s commercial partners (it’s first provider as well as first client) and from whom it imports mainly electrical amchinery, clothing accessories not knitted or crocheted, fish, vehicles and fruit.

From Turkey, to whom Spain is the 7th client, imports have increased in the last months and stand out products like vehicles and tractors, clothing accessories, machinery and mechanical appliances, iron and steel.