Interview with Anna Serra, Accounting & Administration Manager

Continuing with our celebration of TransGlory’s 25th anniversary today we speak with  Anna Serra, Accounting & Administration Manager in our office in Barcelona.

When did you start working at TransGlory? Do you remember your first day? I started at TransGlory on November 2002. I don’t remember much of that day but I suppose I was very nervous, as it was my first time in a company so big.

What made you end up working at logistics? I was lucky to apply to an Infojobs offer.

What do you like most about logistics?  All the different situations that you can experience and all the alternatives  to solve them.
And the least? Sometime it can be quite thankless regardless of the daily effort you put into your work.

What is your best memory of you working at TransGlory or one of your favourite anecdotes? I have a lot of good memories and thousands of anecdotes but I specially remember the times of change and how we have been able to keep going thanks to the TransGlory team.

Something particular you have learned in all this time? I’ve learned a lot of things, but perhaps the most important would be how much logistics is embedded in our daily lives.

How has the sector changed in the last 10 years?  A lot. The sector has become more and more professional.

How do you think it will keep evolving? I suppose digitalization will bring a more analytical vision  but it’s important to not forget the human aspect of the business.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the future of logistics?  Adapting to the new times. I’ll believe it will be essential but not only on the logistics sector, also in every other aspect of our lives.

What would you like to see in TransGlory’s future? Growth and consolidation of all the tools and bases we are implementing now.

How would you define the last 25 years in just 3 words? Enthusiasm, learning and growth.


Thanks for reading!