Meet Angela!

We interviewed our colleague Ángela Alandi who has been at Transglory for more than 25 years and currently belongs to the Administration department in our Valencia delegation.

  1. What has motivated you to stay with the company for so long?

It is not something that is planned, I started very young in the Romeu Group, I was in the last year of my career. From the first moment I felt at ease, I didn’t know anything about Shipping and I learned little by little.

I have been lucky enough to go through several departments and even be under the orders of José María Romeu, I learned a lot and not only about the business.

There have been opportunities to change jobs, even outside the sector, but it has always been more important to feel good about my job, with the company and, above all, with my colleagues.

  1. What have been the main changes you have witnessed in the company over the years?

The main one has been the technological one – I’m going to look like a dinosaur ha ha ha… – when I joined the group people used fax and started with email, so: imagine! And like that, everything. We have gone through several computer systems and accounting programs. It is spectacular what we have changed and improved the processes. I think Transglory has adapted very well to the times and the demand for immediacy in which we live.

  1. What has been your greatest achievement or contribution to the company during your time here?

It’s a difficult question, saying something like that yourself is not easy. I would say that what I am most proud of is trying to be an element of cohesion and reference for my colleagues, especially in the Valencia delegation. But it really wouldn’t be my place to say it.

  1. What are the skills or qualities that you consider most important to be successful in this company?

I would say that the first thing is obviously the effort and interest, but above all the ability to adapt and involvement.

  1. How has your role or responsibilities evolved over the years?

My beginnings in the company were in the ship consignment division, in documentation. It is a department where you learn a lot and to which I think we should give more importance.

In that first stage I went through several departments of the group’s consignees and I also had the fortune, as I said before, to work under the direct orders of José M. Romeu. This allowed me a broad vision of all the family companies and a strong feeling of belonging to a large and powerful group. From there I went to Transglory, taking care of the accounting for the Valencia branch. Since then I have always been in the Administration department, although my tasks and responsibilities have changed according to the needs of the company.

  1. What has been the biggest challenge in your career here and how did you overcome it?

The move to a single software, which meant a change in mentality, way of working and functions. It was an important challenge for the entire company. That decision has brought us here and was the beginning of the form and structure we have now.

  1. What advice would you give to someone starting Transglory now?

Let him learn a lot, pay attention and listen to his colleagues. At Transglory there are great professionals and they are the best the company has. We are a service company, we do not manufacture anything, we sell our management and our know-how. Transglory’s greatest asset is its people.

  1. How do you think the digital transformation is affecting the sector?

I think it is allowing us to optimize logistics management and processes. It will help us in the future to streamline workflows and minimize human errors, but we are just beginning the journey and like everything, this takes time.

The Transglory Team