Neutral Cargo Logistics, first Spanish NVOCC warehouse with organic certification

In the last decade the organic and bio market has grown exponentially in Spain, turning organic farming into a rapidly expanding industry. But what does it mean for a warehouse to have an organic certification?  

Warehouses with organic and eco acreditations

What is an organic certification?

For a product to reach consumers as organic or bio it’s necessary a certification that guarantees these products have been produced or ellaborated respecting the rules on organic farming. The rules cover all stages of production, preparation and distribution (from primary production to storage, processing, transport, distribution and supply to the final consumer). 

In Spain there are public and/or private certifications, depending on the region, but all of them are subject to European rules. This means that all organic products in the EU follow strict rules from the farm to the plate.

What does it mean for a warehouse to have an organic certification?

In Spain there are several warehouses with an organic certification but Neutral Cargo Logistics, the warehouse for consolidated cargo for TransGlory and AGC Newtral in Barcelona, is the first Spanish company in obtining the licence as acertified NVOCC warehouse for the import and export of organic products for multiple clients. 

Fort he company, the license given by the CCPAE (Consejo Catalán de la Producción Agraria Ecológica/ Catalan Council for Ecologic and Organic Agricultural Production)) means being able to store any organic products without breaking the custody chain of the organic certification, which in turn makes possible for the warehouse to be used as a certified place for importers of organic products and so avoid moving the cargo an extra step.  

Furthermore, being certified by the CCPAE means to also be recognized by UE authorities and to be able to pass inspections and organic controls on NCL’s own warehouse.  

certificación ecológica

Neutral Cargo Logistics

Neutral Cargo Logistics Warehouse in Barcelona is also certified as an Authorised Economic Operator and it has a  license to store dangrouse cargo too. 

With this Neutral Cargo Logistics strengthens its position as one of the main consolidation warehouses in Barcelona, adding to their list of services the possibility of offering this innovative service, vital to  drive import and export operations of organic products by all kinds of clients.