New LCL export service from Bilbao to Veracruz!

Consuelo, National Sea Freight Manager of Transglory, gives us more details about the LCL export service from Bilbao, Valencia and Barcelona to Mexico (Veracruz).

What advantages does this service have?

As the service is direct from Bilbao, customers’s shipment from the nort of Spain has less handling and, therefore, less risk of it being damaged. We also have guaranteed allocation and the possibility of accepting bulky loads.

What is most often cargo exported to Veracruz?

Bilbao and its surroundings are home to a group of traditional industries dedicated to the manufacture of steel, iron and steel, shipbuilding and other types of metal and electrical manufacturing.

Therefore, the merchandise that is most exported from Bilbao to Veracruz is machinery and spare parts in general.

How are we different from the competitors?

We are the only ones that offer this service.

Since when is this service operational?

This service is operational from July 24th, which is the first departure.

Could you explain us the most important characteristics?

No matter the characteristics of the cargo (weight, volume, extra measures…), we have sufficient allocation to ensure groupage shipments.

We hope you can enjoy this service and we will inform you of the next news!

The Transglory team.