Transglory a united team

This month we begin a series of publications where we will present part of our team both on the blog and on social networks. But today we want to share part of our department heads and managers, an essential part that performs on a daily basis the necessary tasks to achieve the objectives and improve as a whole.

Leading departments such as: Administration, export, import, customer service, procurement & pricing, among others. We have a plural team with middle management with up to 8 women managers. From their role, they help their teams and Transglory as a whole to achieve success. Executing both operations and innovations that help us to create new strategies and offer the best services to our customers.

Today we want to share more about them and we will start with a person we consider a leader within the company, Consuelo.

Our National Seafreight Manager at Transglory.

Consuelo – National Seafreight Manager en Transglory.Consuelo – National Seafreight Manager in Transglory.

She is the National Seafreight Manager in charge of operations and managing a team of 50 people.

Today we had the opportunity to meet with her to describe the keys to her work.

What are the keys to success?

She tells us that the most important thing to achieve success in her work is to take care of the team and identify new challenges.

In order to achieve the objectives set jointly, it is essential to have a motivated and involved team in all sectors. Giving the importance they deserve to each worker who is not just another person, but who feels that he/she is part of a gear that works thanks to group work.

Another key point that he mentioned to us refers to a more global analysis of the market, its current and future trends. Observing the market and identifying new strategies to help develop new and better products for customers in line with the lively and dynamic market we are facing.

During the next weeks, we will expand more information about our team discovering their tasks, motivations and implications within the company.

The Transglory team wishes you a happy women’s day.