Transglory joins a BeGreen initiative

Last Saturday May 21th, 28 workers from different Romeu divisions in Spain and their families went to Parque Regional de la Sierra de Gredos (Ávila), to participate in the first team reforestation day organized by BeGreen together with Bosques Sostenibles.

The initiative started at the beginning of the year, when BeGreen organized a webinar to explain its philosophu, but it turned into a true green revolution. 280 workers from all Romey divisions attended and the goal was to plant a tree for each participant, but the success was such that it was decided to almost double the number and plant 500 trees!

So, Transglory and the rest of the attendees demonstrated our team’s commitment to the environment by planting 500 wild pine trees. It was also a day of rapprochement between colleagues from different divisions and even from different countries. It was a day that felt the green revolution from start to finish!

With our actions we offset our carbon footprint!

For every 50 trees, a total of 9,000 kg of CO2 expected to be absorbed over a period of 40 years. Our actions are already contributing to a more sustainable future!

As a token of appreciation for the commitment and effort shown, each participant received a plantable pencil with which to continue writing this story and which will allow the BeGreen philosophy to flourish in their homes as well.

Thanks to the green energy of the entire team, this first day was an unforgettable day!