Export services to the US & Canada

In TransGlory we offer export services from Spain to the United States  and Canada accompanied by a wide network of internal rutes between states to reach every corner in the North American territory. 100% neutral.

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Maritime Services to the United States and Canada

Our direct LCL services to The United States and Canada are to the ports of:


Weekly sailings to: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Houston.


Weekly departures to Toronto and Montreal.

What is the transit time to reach the US and Canada?

The transit time when exporting to North America will depend mainly on your port of destination. The transit time for your container to reach New York or Toronto is approximately 12 to 17 days but it will take almost 30 days to reach Los Angeles.

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If you are interested in services to other cities and areas like Denver, Miami, Seattle o Vancouver (BC) contact our team for more information about all our export services to America.

Export to the United States and Canada

As economic world leaders, the United States and Canada are some of the most popular destinations. Both countries hold commercial and economic agreements with Spain that you can benefit from but it’s important to know if there are special laws or restrictions that may be of interest to you, for example those concerning the port of Hawaii or cargo like wine or products for human consumption.

How much does it cost to export to North America?

North America covers a lot of land, so your freight price will heavily relay on the route you choose as well as your cargo, kind of container or Incoterms.
Have in mind that delays or inaccuracies with your documents and paperwork can mean additional fees to pay.

Send your container to the US and Canada

If you are looking to export cargo to America TransGlory can help you run a smooth operation thanks to our digital cargo management tool  specially designed to optimize your work.

With my.TransGlory.com you’ll have access to easy and agile quotations functionalities as well as be able to book your shipment in just 5 minutes or storage all your information and documents in just one place.  Our online tool also offers the possibility to track your shipment and check for any updates at the spot.

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Commcerical relationships with Spain

The United States are one of Spain’s main commercial partner outside of the European Union and on 2020 it was their 6th client worldwide. Most exported products include:  consumer goods, semimanufactures and food, drinks and tobacco.   The agri-food sector is, precisely, the only one to have increased its volume during 2020 even with the associated strong taxes to some of the products.

Canada, further along on the list for Spanish clients (sport 22) had slowly increased it’s exports from our country but the pandemic has put that growth on hold. With that, Spain’s main exported products are very diverse, like medicines and motors (mainly due to Ford’s presence in Valencia), wine and airplanes (Airbus has been working to sell rescue planes to Canada from their Spanish factory).