Export to the Arabian Gulf


With TransGlory you can export from Spain to the main ports in the Arabian Gulf.
100% neutral services.

Direct services

United Arab Emirates
Weekly departures to Dubai and Jebel Ali.

Saudi Arabia
Sailings every two weeks to Jeddah.

Weekly services to Hamad (Doha).

What is the transit time?

Transit time for a maritime export to the Arabian Gulf will depends mostly on the kind of service, that is if it’s a direct or indirect service, as well as the final destination port.  Our export services to Qatar or the United Arab Emirates have a transit time of aproximately 20 to 25 days but our services to Suadi Arabia take on average 15 days.

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We also offer indirect services to Iraq or Jordan. You can get in contact with our team for more information.

How to export to the Arabian Gulf

Exporting from Spain to the countries in the Arabian Gulf region falls under each of those countries international trading legislation.  That’s why you’ll need to make sure to know if they have any special laws regarding exports (like forbiden or problematic cargo) and documentation (special taxes or documents beyond the usual one like the BL, commercial invoices, etc.)

How much will the export cost?

Knowing those legislations is very important when calculating your freight’s final cost  but remember you’ll also have to consider the kind of container and service (LCL or FCL, direct or indirect), your cargo and the agreed Incoterm…

Send your shipping container with TransGlory

In TransGlory we want to make your export operations easy and effective, that’s why we’have developed a digital cargo management tool to help freight forwarders make their own quotations and consult rates, being able to book their service in just a few minutes.
With my.TransGlory.com  you’ll also be able to manage all your documents and invoices only from one place, track your cargo and get notifications in case of any unexpected events.

Ask our team for your access if you still don’t have it!

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International trade

The Persina Gulf region has become, thanks to oil and other raw materials, into one of the main markets worldwide, although the future may be uncertain regarding fossil fuels and  the complicated economic perspectives of the region.
That said, Spanish exports to the Arabian Gulf are very diverse.

Spain’s main partners in the region are Suadi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, to which we mostly export mechanical and electric machinery. To Saudi Arabia also standout our exports of ceramic products and canned fruit and vegetables. In the UAE case aircrafts and space vehicles can also be found among Spanish exports.

Exports to Qatar mostly depend on the construction cicle of the country, but for the last years our exports to Qatar have mostly been the same as to their neightbours, mechanical and electric machinary, but also clothing (Spanish fashion labels have a strong presence) and ceramic products.