Export to Africa from Spain

TransGlory offers direct export LCL services  from Spain to the main African countries, always with 100% neutrality and the highest quality.

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Export services to Sub-Saharan Africa

Equatorial Guinea
Direct services to Bata and Malabo every two weeks.

South Africa
Weekly sailings to Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth.

You can consult our services to the Mediterranean countries in North Africa here.

How long is it to export to Africa?

The transit time of an export to Africa will depend on the final destination, as well as if it’s a direct service or an indirect one. Direct services take approximately 20 days.

You can check for new departures from Spain to Africa in our website!

If you are interested in exporting to other African countries like Kenya, Gambia or Sudan contact our teams for more information about our indirect services to the continent.

You can also ask for information about our services to the Indic Ocean via Durban.

Exporting to Africa

Although Spain mostly trades with the North African countries, commercial relationships with other regions have been increasing in recent years.

How much is it to export to Africa?

A freight’s final rate is influenced by multiples factors. A quotation depends on the service you choose, direct or indirect, LCL or FCL, and of course on the agreed Incoterm. But it also depends on the port of destination, and everything in between from taxes and documents you may need  (like the wayver certificate specifically for most African countries) to the cargo to be transported.

Send your cargo to Africa

In TransGlory we aim to make your export operations easy and effective. We have developed a digital cargo management tool that helps freight forwarders make their own quotations and consult rates, being able to book their service in just a few minutes.  With my.TransGlory.com  you’ll also be able to manage all your documents and invoices only from one place, track your cargo and get notifications in case of any unexpected events.

Ask our team for your access if you still don’t have it!

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Internation relationships with Spain

International trade between Spain and the Sub-Saharan Africa countries greatly differ from country to country but there are commercial and cooperation agreements stablished in most of them.

Main exports to the continent vary, then, depending on the client, but mostly they are: industry and technology machinery, agri-food products, consumer goods and beverages.

Spanish exports to South Africa have been stable in the last years, which makes the country Spain’s main client in the Sub-Saharan Africa region.  Most exported products include: semimanufactures, vehicle parts and components and consumer goods.

For Equatorial Guinea, Spain is one of their main providers along with China and the United States, and main exported products recently are: beverages (specially beer, juices and wines), furniture and vehicle parts.