Export to Europe from Spain

TransGlory offers multiple neutral maritime export services from Spain to the Canary Islands and multiple other European destinations via our intermodal services.

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Direct services

Canary Islands
Weekly sailings to Tenerife and Las Palmas.

Other indirect services

In TransGlory we also offer neutral indirect maritime services via Hamburg to: Norway, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Belarus Latvia, Lithuania, Russian Federation, Hungary and Romania.

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How to export to Europe

When trading with our European neightbors Spain’s exports can benefit from the multiple economic and commercial agreements. And even with the countries outside the EU, relationships between countries are strong and solid.

How much does it cost?

As we’ve mentioned, when exporting inside Europe, costs can be reduced thanks to multiple economic agreemnts and a lack of (or cheaper) taxes and customs fees.
But freight costs are influenced by other aspects like kind of container or cargo, the Incoterms and of course the port of destination.  That’s why it is so important to know the laws and shipping documents one needs to export to a particular port, even if it’s inside the European Union, as not complying with those laws and requisites can mean unexpected costs and problems with your container.

Send your container

If you want to export to Europe from Spain, TransGlory has developed an online cargo management tool from which you can make your own quotations and consult freight rates as well as book your cargo in an easy and agile way.  With my.TransGlory.com you’ll also have access to all your documents and invoices and be able to track your shipping 24/7.

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International relationships 

The pandemic has also afected Spain’s commercial relationships with other european countries, although trading with Norway and Iceland has mantained and even increased due to, for example, our exports of machinery for electricity generation to Iceland.

Main Spanish exports to European countries include: foods, mainly fruits and vegetables, and beberages (like with Lithuania, Latvia and Finland), automobiles (like with Norway, Romania and Hungary), chemical products and mechanical machinery ( products for which our exports to Russia have also increased).

It’s also of import to note the big part Spanish main fashion labels play in ourt countrie’s exports, as they represent a big part of the global.