Export to South America Atlantic from Spain 


TransGlory we offer a variety of maritime export services and routes to South America Atlantic major ports. 
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direct export services to south america

Direct services to South America Atlantic

Weekly departures to Buenos Aires.

Sailings every week to Santos and every two weeks to Río de Janeiro.

Weekly services to Cartagena.

Departures once a week to Montevideo.

How long does it take to export to South America?

Maritime exports to the Latin American region from Spain vary depending on the route and final destination. The average transit time usually is between 23 and 30 days.

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We also offer indirect services to Paraguay and Venezuela as well as to other destinations in Brazil and Colombia like Fortaleza, Bogotá or Cali.

Export to South America Atlantic

This region of South America  is one of the most exported to from Spain and Europe, and even though there are multiples commercial and economic agreements between countries from both continents you should remember to read upon each country’s laws to make sure  your export operations comply with all their legislations.  

The cost of exporting to South America

The price for exporting to South America will depend, then, not only of the route your take and final destination, but also on the kind of container, cargo and even Incoterm you have selected as well as on any specific requirements the country or port of destination may have as we mentioned earlier.

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International trade between South America Atlantic and Spain 

As a part of the Latin American market, commercial relationships between Spain and South America Atlantic have always been quite strong, although this past year exports to the region have decreased due to the pandemic. 

Brazil is the main Spanish client in the region and the second in all Latin America after Mexico.
Our exports to the Atlantic part of South America are very diverse but stand out products like fuels and mineral oils, and mechanical and electric machinery.