Export to South America Pacific from Spain

In TransGlory we offer multiple neutral maritime export services to South America Pacific’s main ports.
Neutrality and quality guaranteed.

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Direct services

Departures every week to San Antonio and every ten days to Valparaíso.

Weekly departures to Guayaquil.

Sailings each week to Montevideo.

Transit time for exports to South America Pacific

Sending shipping containers from Spain to South America has an average transit time between 27 and 35 days, as it depends on the kind of service you chose and the final destination.

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We also offer services to Bolivia and Chile as well as to Lima and Quito. Ask our team for more information if you are interested in these and other routes!

How to export to South America Pacific

Like with the other regions in Latin America, commercial relationships between the Pacific region and Spain are solid and are backed with multiple economic and commercial agreements that can be beneficial to you and your operations. But you’ll also should know about the specific laws and legislations of each country and port to make sure there are no unexpected problems. 

How much is it to export to South America Pacific?

The cost of your freight in influenced by multiple factors. On the one hand you have to consider your cargo, kind of service and container, the Incoterm and of course your final destinations, on the other as we’ve said before, you have to consider if there are any restrictions or specifications for your cargo or on your destination port that will translate into taxes, extra documents, etc.

Send your exports from Spain

If you are looking to export cargo to South America TransGlory can help you run a smooth operation thanks to our digital cargo management tool  specially designed to optimize your work.

With my.TransGlory.com you’ll have access to easy and agile quotations functionalities as well as be able to book your shipment in just 5 minutes or storage all your information and documents in just one place.  Our online tool also offers the possibility to track your shipment and check for any updates at the spot.

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Commercial relationships 

With the Coronavirus crisis, bilateral trade between Spain and South America Pacific has been decreasing. However, in the last months there has been an increase in companies exporting to Chile, and Ecuador is our fourth client in Latin America, so time will tell how the market evolves post pandemic times.

Most exported products from South America Pacific can be divided into two main groups: agri-food products, beverages and consumer goods for countries like Bolivia, Ecuador and Perú, and electric and mechanical machinery and equipment and automobiles for Chile.