Import services from Asia to Spain

In TransGlory we offer weekly LCL import services from Asia’s main ports to Spain.
100% neutral.

Our import services to Asia can be via maritime transport or rail transport.

We also offer services from the Indian Subcontinent. You can consult them here.

 LCL neutral services Asia to Spain

Our direct import services from Asia

Maritime transport

Weekly direct sailings from: Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Xiamen.

We also offer an “only Dangerous Materials import service” from Shanghai.

South Korea
Direct weekly services from Pusan.

Hong Kong
Direct weekly departures from Hong Kong.

Our direct import services from Japan include weekly sailings from: Yokohama and Kobe.

Weekly departures from Singapore.

Direct weekly sailings from Bangkok and Laem Chabang.

Direct weekly services from Kaohsiung.

Weekly departures from Haiphong and Ho Chi Minh.

How long does it take to import from Asia?

When importing from Asia, the long distance and busy traffic are two of the main factors to have in mind when calculating transit time, which can vary from week to week. Booking a direct LCL service or an indirect one can also affect your schedule.

Consult our next departures from Asia to Spanish ports in our website and get up to date information on all your shipments with our online cargo management tool.

 LCL neutral services Asia to Spain

If you are interested in other import routes from Asia to Spain contact our team!

Rail transport

Given the current situation in China’s main ports due the Covid-19 pandemic, we have added a new rail service from China to Spain.
An LCL rail service with 2 weekly departures from Hefei and with connections to China’s main ports. Contact us for more information!

How to import from Asia

The asian route has become one of the most busy for international commerce. It expands through multiples countries and it’s important you know very well from where you are importing and which specific laws that country and port have if your are going to trade with them.

How much does it cost to import from Asia to Spain?

Knowing the specifics of each country of origin can help you save money when booking your freight as the final price won’t only depend on the usual booking terms (kind of container, Incoterm or even the port of origin itself). Your shipment (dangerous cargo, alcoholic beverages, etc.) and even the time of the year (peak season, for example) can also affect the final booking price.

Send your shipping container to Asia

Importing with TransGlory is really easy. Thanks to our cargo management tool you can make your own quotations online, as well as book your cargo directly from our website in less than five minutes and access all your documents all in one place. also has container tracking functionalities and will send you notifications if there’s any unforeseen circumstances during your import operation.

book your LCL services from Asia to SPain

Trade relationships

Electronic products from China, Singapore and Taiwan make for Spain’s main imports from Asia. Followed by automobiles from Japan and South Korea.

Even though the pandemic has reduced imports to our country at a global scale, the ones from China have indeed rised, positioning the asian giant in the top three with Germany and France. Without our european neightbors, China turns out to be our biggest importer.
In the last years, our imports from China have mainly consisted of, as we’ve said, electrical machinery and parts (telecommunications and data processing machines) but also clothing and sports material.

Other imports from Asia to Spain are coffee (our country is the third biggest importer of vietnamese coffee), articles of non-malleable cast iron, motorcicles and bicicles from Taiwan or rubber from Thailand.