About us

We are an international logistics company dedicated to neutral cargo (LCL) consolidation. Established in 1996 as the main division of air and maritime consolidation of Romeu Group, one of the most important holding international logistics company in Spain, with more than 150 years of experience and 30 subsidiaries related to the logistics industry.

Our goal is to provide the best service of consolidated cargo and neutral LCL to the logistics and transport professionals.

With over 20 years of experience, Transglory is positioned as a benchmark in the LCL sector, both locally and regionally, having an important presence in the area of the Western Mediterranean. Being a member of the World Wide Alliance (WWA) since 2007, we have a strong network of NVOCC agents around the world to ensure the highest quality of service and security for your cargo, providing total neutrality and worldwide coverage. In addition, we have offices in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.

For us, excellence lies in the human quality of our team. People are the center of our activity and our biggest asset. Therefore, we are continuously investing in training, innovative resources and constant motivation to make our qualified staff the best of the business. We are focused on providing top notch customer service.


We work to serve you with the highest quality, empathy, and transparency, to enhance our diversified services of consolidated maritime and neutral air cargo with our personal touch and innovative tools to make your business life easier.


We seek to position TransGlory as a leader and benchmark in the cargo logistics sector at a national and international level. We aim to be the neutral LCL company with the highest market penetration and the best growth in the Western Mediterranean area.