Sea transport

At TransGlory we are specialists in maritime cargo transportation. Our service is 100% neutral and we offer more than 100 direct services to all over the world.

After more than 25 years dedicated to neutral cargo consolidation, we know that the best way to work is to ensure transparency and neutrality in all our operations. We manage merchandise professionally and at competitive prices, always offering personalized attention and adapting our rates to the needs and circumstances of each client.

As NVOCC (non-ship Operating Common Carrier) we are part of the World Wide Alliance and its extensive network of agents around the world, which gives our services a guarantee of quality and safety.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Comprehensive solution for efficient maritime transportation

Efficient solution for the transportation of maritime cargo in international trade. With FCL, your merchandise occupies a full container, providing greater security and control. Simplify logistics and speed up customs processes with this comprehensive option, ideal for companies with large volumes of shipments.

Less Than Container Load (LCL)

Optimize small shipments with our shared ocean freight modality

Discover an efficient alternative for smaller ocean freight shipments. Our LCL solution allows you to consolidate your cargo into a shared container, giving you flexibility and economy. Simplify your logistics, optimize costs and ship smaller quantities cost-effectively with our LCL option.

Our quotes

Our rates are highly competitive to any destination and from any origin worldwide. We quote quickly and safely and we take care of all the intermediary management of the merchandise in a neutral manner.

Quotes in seconds and booking directly. You will also be able to access all the documentation of your shipment and monitor your cargo 24/7.

Customized international transportation and logistics

Learn about our comprehensive transportation services and personalized logistics solutions according to your needs.

Air Transport

We offer air transport service as a neutral agent for both import and export, unique in Spain.

Ground transportation

We offer a ground transportation service at the local and national level.

Cross trade

We carry out triangular operations between any country to streamline the distribution chain.