Will the land transport strike in Spain finally take place?

The Platform for the Defense of the Road Freight Transport Sector has called a strike that would begin on Monday, November 14.

The decision has been endorsed by 86% of the votes in favor in the internal votes held last weekend.

The Christmas period is threatened by the protests of the carriers, who denounce the high prices of fuel. And they assure that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda is not acting so that the Transport Chain Law is complied with, which guarantees that carriers will not work to lose.

What are carriers asking for?

  • The bonis of €0.20 per liter of fuel approved last April.
  • The prohibition of drivers loading and unloading.
  • The limitation of waiting times in loading and unloading areas to one hour.
  • Reinforcement in the inspection within their work.

These are some of the measures approved in 2021 and that the Minister of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, claims “to have fulfilled all the agreements reached with the transport sector”. He has also pointed oiut that the circumstances of the sector have improved and they will continue working to comply with everything agreed between both parties. And it requires that, in the event of situations in which the law is broken, it be reported in order to take action.

Will the strike finally take place? Today, Thursday, November 10, the Platform of the Defense of the Transport Sector is in a meeting with the Ministry of Transport, to negotiate the demands that have given rise to the strike call.

We hope that a satisfactory agreement is reached and the strike does not finally take place since the negative consequences that these can have are innumerable.

We will keep you update,

Transglory team.