What are the food products that Spain exports the most?

Food products, characterized by their quality and denomination of origin, are a strong point of Spanish exports.

The Spanish food industry has established itself in third place in the ranking of products with the highest number of exports with 22% of GDP. Of all of them, olive oil, wine, canned foods and cheese are the best sellers, especially within the framework of the European Union.

The pandemic has caused the volume of exports from other sectors to decrease, while Spanish exports from the agri-food and fishing sectors have increased by 2.7%. Therefore, we can be optimistic about the demand for our food and beverage products abroad.

How are these products exported by sea?

Refrigerated ships intended for the transport of food products are fully equipped with refrigeration systems and proper air circulation. They can means of containers adapted only to these products.

The cold chain is key in the export of perishable products, it consists of maintaining a controlled temperature and relative humidity for each product, from the start of production to the final point of sale. Any failure in the process can have negative consequences in the conservation of the products and would cause a loss within the commercialization process. These are the 5 steps that make up the cold chain:

  1. Pre-cooling.
  2. Cold storage before being transported to market.
  3. Refrigerated transport.
  4. Refrigerated chamber at points of sale.
  5. Display and sale in refrigerated equipment.

Before transporting any merchandise by this route, a cold sheet must be completed indicating at what temperature the product must travel in the container. So you must have this information very clear.

The Transglory team